Young Artists Certificate Recipients

Those seeking recognition of any level through CYM’s Young Artists Certificate Program will show consistent effort, musical growth, and personal commitment to their program of study; they model good musicianship and musical knowledge, and demonstrate refined character by encouraging others through music.

Carson, student of Ms. Grace, began lessons in the ECMM program in 2005 and started piano in 2007. He has regularly participated in Community and Outreach Concerts at CYM, many levels of Literacy, moved steadily through the Suzuki Books, and his two older siblings are graduates of CYM’s programs. Since taking up the challenge of working through the requirements of the Young Artists Scholar in the last year, Carson has performed with fellow pianists, played at holiday concerts, and attended Serenades through Zoom. Carson enjoys a wide range of repertoire, from classical to pop, and he and his piano buddy, Manus, have prepared duets for various events for many years.

Manus started lessons at CYM in 2005 in the Suzuki Readiness Program, and began playing piano in 2007, studying with Ms. Sonia and then Ms. Grace. He especially enjoyed Suzuki Group Class with friends Carson and Ben. Manus regularly listens for and admires novel combinations in all kinds of music, and has studied the classical pieces in the Suzuki Books, jazz standards and blues songs, and has tested his skills by learning music that accompanies popular video games.  He earned the Good Citizen Award in 2017, and followed it up each year thereafter with all three levels of the Young Artists Award, concluding this year with the level of Mentor. The final level of the Young Artist certificate focuses on connecting with and serving others through music: it requires students to assist and perform for group classes, interview a CYM alumni or other musician, help a younger student in performance preparation.

Congratulations to Carson and Manus and our thanks to you for the positive impact you have had on others.

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