Young Artist

Young Artist Certificate Program

CYM’s Young Artist Certificate Program recognizes 7th-12th grade students for their instrumental mastery, commitment, and refined characters. Each level asks students to challenge perceived personal limits and engage with fellow students and families at CYM and in the community at large.

There are three levels of the Young Artist Certificate Program: Scholar, Ambassador, and Mentor. The requirements for Scholar are maintained throughout the work on the other two levels. A Scholar completes the level through regular attendance, by meeting goals set by their teacher, and by giving short performances for special people their lives. An Ambassador further extends themselves by preparing a musical program that includes historic and theoretical notes and thirty minutes of performed music. A Mentor assists younger students and conducts an interview with a musician.

Participants are encouraged and supported by their parents, teacher, and the school’s communication team to gather and record the events at each level in order to have a history of the student’s musical highlights during their teen years at CYM. Upon completion of each level, students are rewarded a certificate. If you are interested in participating in the Young Artist Certificate Program, we are ready to help you get started! Please contact your teacher directly.

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