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Who Can Attend a “Play-In” ?

In the Suzuki world, instrumental students learn their pieces so thoroughly that they are memorized for life and can be recalled in any circumstance – truly committing the literature to heart. On Saturday, September 26, Guitar students who know how to play any of the Suzuki songs, even if only a few, are welcome to get together with Mr. Mark, outside at the Wexford CYM location, to “Play-In”. A Suzuki “Play-In” is like a jam session or time to hang out and play your instrument – as many pieces as possible – and the term came into use in the 60’s when Suzuki first taught in the US and the term “sit-in” was commonly in use.

CYM families can rsvp to come listen – those from any program, class, or course! If you are a guitar student in any Suzuki program in the Pittsburgh area who wants to gather for a socially distanced and informal performance, please rsvp then bring a chair, your instrument, and a smile on Saturday the 26th! We will play from 1- 2:00 pm, weather permitting. Click here to send an email to RSVP your spot. See you there!

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