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Where to Start Music? In the Home!

Did you ever find yourself saying, I wonder when I’ll start talking to my child? Or, I’m thinking of letting my child hear a story- I wonder who could tell one? Or, Let’s see, they should be reading by age 5 or 6, so I’ll be sure and buy some books in a few years! Of course not! We talk, we babble, we coo, we explain, we converse all the time with our children from day one! Our nurseries are filled with books, giant letters on the walls, and the bedtime story is a common ritual. But did you know that music is acquired the same way we learn our spoken language?

music is acquired the same way we learn  our spoken language


So sing, dance, move to the beat, and hit those pots and pans! Surround your child with quality music. They will soak it all up like a sponge! They will begin to differentiate pitches, and will begin to associate steady beat moves- like hitting that pan- with the music they are hearing! This ear-brain connection feeds the pathways already in place for learning this amazing, fulfilling language of music!

And the beauty of it is, your child will love hearing YOUR voice, and making music with you. Come to a class made just for this at the Center for Young Musicians! We will give you lots of ideas for making music with your child. Not only that, but our developmentally appropriate curriculum will put your child on a pathway to music literacy that creates lifelong lovers of music! And to think- YOU started it!

Check us out at www.youngmusicians.org See you there!

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