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Autumn Celebration This Saturday

Four faculty members will perform live from Sewickley on Saturday, November 14, at 4:00 pm – with YOU.

All CYM violinists and violists are invited to attend a virtual Play-In where your teachers will provide a masterfully rich performance of the Suzuki repertoire – Books 1 – 4. If you looked forward to the traditionally scheduled Fall Ensemble Recital and did not know where you could turn this season to play the violin pieces you have been working so hard to learn and keep fresh – rsvp to this event – in the months ahead you will easily remember how it energized you, your family members, and your practice sessions!

A “Play-In” is a jam session or a time to hang out and play your instrument with friends – as many pieces as possible in an hour. All violin/viola students attend from home, as family listens in to the music. Your teachers will be in contact to share a repertoire list for review. Join Mr. Chris, Ms. Leah, Ms. Rochelle, and Ms. Amy, who are mindfully at work preparing their harmony parts and revved to see the rsvp numbers climb as you respond to their requests for your presence at the Autumn Celebration Play-In. Click here to RSVP.

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