Suzuki Readiness for Toddlers (ages 2 to 3.5)

Two New Musikgarten Courses Announced

CYM is excited to announce two new offerings from Musikgarten. In Family Music for Babies, families will be taking the first step toward bonding musically with their child and enriching their family’s life through active music-making. Through this experience, families will nurture their baby’s musical aptitude at an unparalleled time of importance in children’s musical development. Activities include singing, finger plays, body awareness games, dances and instrumental play. These activities stimulate the brain, foster physical development, and cultivate listening skills.

In addition to Family Music for Babies, CYM is offering Music Makers: Around the World, for older learners. Around the World serves as the best preparation for our Music Makers at the Keyboard curriculum. Students will travel the world, experiencing native songs, instruments, dances, stories, and customs. In these explorations, students will continue to enjoy the things that make Musikgarten joyful: singing, listening, playing instruments, and learning dances. They will delight in their ability to recognize melodic patterns in music, and will gain skills in writing and reading those patterns with music notation. Students continue to deepen their understanding of written music as they compose, improvise, and perform together!

Families can sign up for either course at the CYM Registration Page. We appreciate referrals… if a friend registers for a trial or course at CYM, you will receive our sincere thanks and a credit on the course or paid event of your choice!

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