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Turning the Corner into August

As the world continues to adjust to the pandemic and with rhetoric and research findings seeming to change from day to day, CYM strives to provide the best musical experience for your family, under the circumstances. We appreciate how you have stayed connected and continued to practice and work with the caring and talented teachers at CYM. While appropriately adhering to guidelines presented by the CDC and State of Pennsylvania, we will continue forward into our new school year that begins on August 3rd.

In Green, teachers will be available, if requested by a student, to meet for individual lessons in-person, as one out of every four lessons scheduled may be taken in person, instead of through the Zoom platform. The faculty and staff have acknowledged the possibility that a quarantine period after travel may effect meeting time options – please reach out to your teacher to discuss and plan your anticipated lesson schedule ahead of the trip, so that requirements can be easily followed. In the midst of much change and many a stress, may your weekly music lesson, and attendance at any event at CYM, offer a place of respite and hope for you and your family. Thank you for making music an intrinsic part of your life!

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