The Music Instinct

Baby Playing Glockenspiel

The Music Instinct

You hear it all the time… My child can already name all the state capitals! My child can recite all the names of the presidents! My child can count to a billion…in Portuguese! 

Well, OK, they learned these things, and to that we say a hearty Hurrah! The young mind is amazing and capable of so much, especially in the early years. Babies arrive equipped for innumerable concepts, thoughts, abilities, and instincts! They have built-in instincts for feeding themselves, for stepping, and so on. The doctor routinely measures these reflexes at checkups- you know the drill! But did you know your child is also born with music instinct? Have you ever noticed your baby or young toddler responding to the sound of music – with a side to side motion, bouncing, singing, or even an improvised dance? These are reflexes, too, because babies are born to be music makers! But we must use that instinct so that it becomes purposeful, and not just a gut reaction to be lost over time!

So if we know this, why would we wait so long to introduce music lessons? Perhaps the word “lesson” makes us think of school-aged children, and pens and pencils. We think children need to be reading, or able to sit on a piano bench alone, or generally be displaying school-readiness in order to begin music instruction. If we do this, though, think what we might be losing! The brain will be busy with other new connections and functions, and some of that music aptitude will actually be lost! Starting music in early childhood may be one of the easiest and yet most important things you can do for your young child. Music at this age is playful. It connects families. It lays a foundation for all future music learning. When begun at a young age, and we are talking babyhood here, music learning is easy and fun, but also deep learning, setting the stage for a life of joyful music making!

The Center for Young Musicians offers Musikgarten classes to harness and build on these music instincts!

Classes for Babies, Toddlers, Preschoolers and up!

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