The Good News About Singing Together as a Family

For many growing up, singing around the campfire, gathering around the piano to sing, singing while working with family members, or while Christmas caroling, were all fairly common activities. I don’t know if we knew how good we had it! Maybe this is a good time to bring back the tradition of singing together as a family. You don’t need a lot of training to do this- you can sing along to music on Spotify, or have your student play some melodies in which everyone can join. If you read about our ideas for making your own instruments, you could actually start a band. Missed that blog? Check it out here.

Of course, this is more than just “geeking out” together musically at home. A few of the benefits of singing together include:

  • Singing soothes babies more than talking. Check out this recent study!
  • Singing relieves stress.
  • Singing prepares children to read.
  • Singing together encourages teamwork, waiting for a turn, and sharing.
  • Singing together improves listening.
  • Singing together helps build memories.
  • Singing strengthens your immune system – check out this study from NCBI.

For more on the benefits of singing, read Eleven Surprising Health Benefits of Singing.

And maybe now is a good time to break out into song! Send us photos of your family singing and making music at home- we would love to see them! Here is a start:

Can you spot Ms. Amy? She couldn’t read music yet, but she could sing!
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