Spread the Creativity! Celebrity Shares from Home

With so much technology available to us, being home-bound can be purposeful and enjoyable. As musicians, we have it pretty good, too. We can make music whenever we want! Have you thought about face-timing a loved one and playing music for them? Or how about recording one-half of a duet and sending it to your buddy to have them play along? Maybe now is the time for you to work composing, or improvising!

When you have your instrument, the sky is the limit. Hop on Google Hangouts and jam with your friends or share something you are working on. Collaborate!

Two nights ago, two very well-known friends shared a musical moment. Jimmy Fallon has taken to creating daily shows from home, and each night he has a special guest via Zoom. On Wednesday night, his guest was Lin-Manuel Miranda! Miranda is a composer and singer, best known for his musicals In the Heights and Hamilton! At the end of Jimmy’s show, Lin-Manuel shared one of the beautiful songs he composed for In the Heights. So here you have a world-famous musician, making music in a small room of his home, on a keyboard. A glimpse into a musician making music. You understand, it’s what we do! Please enjoy this clip of Dear Theodosia and let us know how it inspires you!

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