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FAQs about renting an instrument

What is the cost to rent an instrument?

Cello Rental: $47.00 per month
Guitar Rental: $27.00 per month [small]; $30.00 per month [full]
Violin Rental: $25.00 per month
Viola Rental: $25.00 per month


Where do I pick up my instrument?

If your student is studying with a CYM teacher, your teacher will have an instrument ready for you at your lesson.  Also, prior to the start of the orchestra class in the fall, CYM delivers instruments for use in school orchestras directly to each school.  For all other situations (renting mid-year, changing size, exchanging for repair, or returning an instrument), please call 724-935-0505 or email to make an appointment with a member of our staff at our Wexford location at 120 Lake Drive.

Please keep in mind faculty members are unable to step away from their teaching to assist drop-in clients with rental questions. Rental customers are encouraged to make an appointment with a staff member prior to their visit to ensure prompt service.


How do I care for the instrument?

Keep your instrument from experiencing extremes of temperature or dryness. Protect the instrument, especially the bridge, from accidental knocks and blows. Do not leave it in a car for any length of time at any time of year, and be sure to store it away from heating vents or radiators. Loosen the bow completely before putting it in the case.


How do I know what size to get?

Each person is built differently and often the only way to know the correct size is to try a few instruments with a qualified instructor. Orchestra directors generally conduct fittings at school and provide that information to families.


What materials purchased separately will I need in addition to the instrument?

Violinists and violists require either a shoulder sponge or shoulder rest, guitarists will need a footrest, and cellists will need an endpin strap, in addition to specific materials requested by your orchestra director (books, a stand, etc.). These items are available for purchase.


What if the instrument breaks?

Damage requiring the attention of a repair person is the responsibility of each family. CYM offers a maintenance plan which helps cover the cost of future repairs, usually 35% of an instrument’s retail value. For instance, for a $500 guitar, the maintenance plan would cover up to $175 per repair. While an instrument is away for repairs, CYM provides a replacement instrument for students’ use.


What is rental equity?

Throughout your participation in CYM’s rental equity program, a portion of your payment amount is safeguarded so it may be applied at a later date toward the purchase of an instrument. The instruments that are made available for purchase are new instruments. At CYM, you may use your accumulated equity for an instrument purchase at any time. Throughout your participation in the rental program, as much as 30 percent of your annual rental fee may be safeguarded and applied toward future instrument purchases.

When it’s time to purchase, you may select any size or quality of instrument from the CYM selection of fine instruments. The funds set aside in your equity account may be used to cover up to 30 percent of the instrument retail price.


How do I return my instrument?

When the customer no longer wishes to rent their instrument, the customer must 1) return the instrument to a CYM staff member in person and 2) obtain written confirmation of the return. No “drop-offs” will be accepted. As faculty members are unable to step away from their teaching to assist with rental questions or returns, CYM encourages the customer to make an appointment with a staff member before returning the instrument at the Wexford location, 120 Lake Drive, by calling 724-935-0505 or emailing


What is covered by the Instrument Rental Maintenance Plan?

This plan is an inexpensive way to protect your rental investment. It covers most damage to your instrument (short of destruction, loss of the instrument, or major structural damage that necessitates the opening of the instrument), as well as broken strings which can be costly.

The maintenance agreement covers repair costs associated with incidental, minor damage to the instrument, including but not limited to, broken strings, chipped corners or edges, damaged pegs or tailpieces, etc., up to 35% of the instrument’s retail value for any single instance. The customer will be liable for any remaining repair cost in excess of 35% of the instrument’s retail value. If repair costs exceed 65% of the instrument’s retail value, or CYM determines an instrument to be otherwise lost or damaged beyond repair, customer will be liable for 65% of the retail value of the new replacement instrument. The rental contract may be canceled due to chronic or excessive damage, at CYM’s discretion. Customers should notify their homeowner’s insurance agent that the instrument is in their possession.


How much does the Instrument Rental Maintenance Plan cost?

Cello Maintenance: $10.00 per month
Guitar Maintenance: $7.00 per month
Violin Maintenance: $7.00 per month
Viola Maintenance: $7.00 per month

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