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CYM rents and sells violas, violins, cellos, and guitars of the highest quality. It would be our pleasure to be your partner in establishing skills that will last a lifetime. We are an authorized dealer of Scott Cao instruments and can offer instruments from other fine makers. In addition, we seek out very fine private-label instruments for the most discriminating player.

CYM\'s Rental Program offers a cost-effective way to allow your child\'s instrument to \"grow\" with him or her. Children learn proper technique more easily on instruments of the correct size and proportion, and this helps foster confidence and enjoyment in the learning experience. For a monthly fee, we provide a quality instrument in excellent condition: string height, tuning pegs, bridge position, and soundpost alignment are optimally adjusted for ease of playing. School orchestra players will have their instruments and accessories delivered to their school in time for the start of the instrumental music classes. When it\'s time for a larger size, the instrument is exchanged at no additional cost.

The CYM Rental Program also allows you to build equity toward the purchase of a new instrument. Throughout your participation in the rental program, 30 percent of your total rental fee is set aside in an equity account. These funds may cover up to 30 percent of an instrument's retail purchase price.

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