Simmi’s “See You Later” Studio Recital

Wonderful News! Simmi Tripathi, CYM Piano Faculty, and her husband Dave have welcomed their new baby boy to the world! We are so happy for them and the entire Tripathi Family! Rallying around their beautiful life-changing event, and in honor of her efforts and the dedication of students and their parents, we went ahead with the studio recital Simmi had planned months ago.

Pianists brought their best to the instrument last Saturday, showing proof of the efforts they make every time they sit down at the piano. The audience included their new teachers Chris Sforza (Master of Ceremonies), Amy Rucker, and Grace Burns, who took notes and are really looking forward to working with kids this week. Chris, Amy, and Grace have been entrusted to help students advance, meet their goals, and continue to enjoy the piano. We look forward to the technical and musical results of these new alliances, and the new friendships families will develop with others in these studios.

Victoria McGinnis, expressed the appreciation felt by all faculty and staff at CYM as she addressed parents (and Simmi): “Thank you for supporting the continued application of your child’s efforts in their studies at CYM. We see how you care for your child by making music a language they can be fluent in. We see you showing them what beauty is. We see you protecting your child’s well being day after day, and, as your friends in music, are encouraged and grateful that you are a part of this community – we are inspired to meet your musical needs even more fully. Thank you Simmi! Your personal effervescence embraces each of us warmly everytime we meet, everytime we think of you. Your professional resolution and pedagogical expectations have helped us overcome obstacles to become better musicians and stronger people.”

The presence of extended family members was especially affirming to the young people and we hope these uncles, cousins, grandmothers, grandfathers and all, return to the next virtual performance. Congratulations again to the pianists! Take the pieces you prepared for Saturday and perform again soon as you make the world a better place.

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