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Show What You Know – Share What You Love

Take a moment to read and reflect on our music school’s revised mission and values –

“Students of the Center for Young Musicians develop liberated ability, refined characters, and a life-long love of music. Long-term relationships are a testament to the school’s emphasis on an early start and thorough music literacy and performance training. CYM creates a second home for those who value music as a means to serve others and enliven family life.”

As a current student at our school, we sincerely hope you share these goals and are adopting these attributes. And we also hope that you will consider participating in either of the free opportunities listed here that celebrate exemplary student performance and community engagement:

Good Citizen Award

The Good Citizen Award recognizes the efforts of CYM students, grades 4 – 7, who demonstrate consistent growth in musical skill, and who also contribute good will to fellow CYM members and people in the community at large. Four performances are required for the GCA and are played within a twelve month period. Students and parents work with the school’s Certificate Coach ahead of time to plan participation.

Young Artist Certificates

The Young Artist Certificates recognize the efforts of CYM students, grades 7 – 12, who meet the requirements at each level and play music for the benefit of all. The Certificate Coach reviews your lesson history and decides with you before starting, the most appropriate level to take. There are three levels of engagement:

  • Scholars show consistent effort, musical growth, and personal commitment to their program of study by meeting performance and attendance benchmarks.
  • Ambassadors improve the lives of others as they support and lead activities at CYM and in the community, with special focus on playing music for those for whom the experience will be novel or bring relief.
  • Mentors model musicianship, musical knowledge, and refined character through guest and community service performances, coaching sessions, and interviews. Students select, organize, and lead activities of their choosing. The Certificate Coach documents the experience for your college or job application.

We love (teach, create, learn, play) music because it moves us. We know you as people who can be counted upon to use it to uplift others and brighten lives along your way. To talk about your child and these opportunities, email Victoria McGinnis

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