Second Annual “Achievement Day” is Coming

CYM’s second annual Achievement Day is set for March 28, from 3:00-5:00 pm at our Sewickley location.

What is Achievement Day? It is an opportunity for your student to perform for other students and faculty, and receive immediate feedback from faculty panelists.

This is a perfect event for teacher and student to set a few  specific performance goals. Setting a goal helps students work more intentionally in their practice time. It lifts them up to strive for better technique and better musicality. Practicing performing is crucial for all students so that they gain poise and control when playing for others. Receiving feedback that can be applied immediately can bring about turning points in a student’s studies.

Talk to your child’s teacher to see if Achievement Day would be a good choice at this time. And if not, all are still invited to attend – there will be a variety of performances, and being in the audience is always beneficial to our own growth as musicians.

If you’re interested in performing for Achievement Day, be sure to click here to go to the Workshops and Activities page to register.



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