Reminder: Antonio Hart Workshop

If you have not signed up yet for the Antonio Hart workshop, there is still time to do so before it rolls around on December 7th. Take advantage of this jazz workshop led by a jazz great of our time, Antonio Hart.

Workshops like this one often become an important touchpoint, if not turning point, in a music career. Ask professional musicians about master classes they have attended and the impact they have had on their musical journey, and I think you will find most carry those experiences with them to this day. Some will tell you how the encounters even changed the trajectory of their career, or opened up a world of music previously unknown to them!

This may be that moment for your student. Even if jazz is not the preferred genre at this time, you never know what musical aspects will be brought to light and experienced in a new way. Or if hearing jazz played exceedingly well might open up a new avenue of expression. There really is so much good music out there…. and we need to bring it to our students when the opportunity arises.

So take the opportunity. Make it a turning point for someone, and represent CYM with pride!

Read up on Antonio Hart here, and register for the workshop here.

See you December 7th!

11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the Afro American Music Institute

7131 Hamilton Avenue, Pittsburgh

This event has been selected for our CYM families to be enjoyed as a benefit of the workshop and activities fee. Register today to provide a memorable experience in your student’s musical journey!

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