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Ravi Coltrane Reaches Young Audience

One of the benefits of being a part of CYM is that you have access to curated music and arts opportunities, some of which are arranged just for our families! These are carefully selected events that we feel would be of interest, educational, and of course, entertaining!

This past Saturday was just such an event. We had the wonderful opportunity to hear a world-class musician, in a marvelous venue! Ravi Coultrane is the enormously gifted saxophone player, who is part of quite a legacy of music: he is the son of John and Alice Coltrane.  A colleague and friend of mine said: it’s like hearing from “the son of a prophet”, referencing the legend that is his father, John Coltrane.

What struck me, as a music educator, was of course, the high quality of musicians on the stage, but beyond that, I was thankful that Ravi Coltrane was motivated to involve students in this sound check. I would venture to say that most professional musicians do not allow any audience for sound check/rehearsal. In fact, these hours are typically closed to anyone outside of the tech crew of the venue and the musicians. It can be an intense time of setting sound levels, lighting cues, and making last minute changes to the music.

So it gives me hope for the future of jazz and music and culture and the arts that there are performers like Ravi who see the importance of sharing their gifts and experiences and processes with young people.

After the band finished working through all the numbers for that night’s concert, Ravi  took time to talk with the students in the audience, most of whom attended as a part of the Kente Arts Alliance. He asked them questions, heard about their music endeavors and laughed with them about practice and encouraged them to stick with it – every day!

We will keep watching for events like this for you. (Thank you Rob Rucker for making all the arrangements!) Please keep an eye out, and grab the chance when it comes around- you’ll be glad you did!

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