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Early Childhood Music

for students 2-5 years old

The Early Childhood Music program offers children from ages two to five a wonderful way to connect to other families, enjoy music together and begin learning this unique language.

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for students 5-18 years old

The Foundations program is a comprehensive, 11 month long curriculum intended to lead a beginning musician through the foundations of musicianship on which to build their instrumental or vocal education.

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Suzuki Studies

for students 5-18 years old

Suzuki Studies develops well-rounded, highly-skilled musicians by upholding careful performance standards for instrumental study and by providing thorough music literacy training.

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Time Wave

for students 18-100 years old

You are an adult (18 or older) who played as a child and would like to return to music study. Learning to play an instrument is something that you have always wanted to do and you are ready to treat yourself.

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Special Programming

Workshops & Activities

CYM Workshops + Activities Program provides enrichment opportunities for CYM’s students.

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Summer Lessons & Camps

Are you looking to try a new instrument, dust off an old one, add an instrument, or just hone your skills? Whether you need to get a leg-up on your technique, prepare for that audition, or take a new instrument for a test drive – CYM is offering a special package of sessions to inspire you this summer!

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Instrument Rental

If you don’t already, please consider subscribing to the monthly Instrument Maintenance Plan. This plan is an inexpensive way to protect your rental investment. It covers most damage to your instrument (short of destruction, loss of the instrument, or major structural damage that necessitates the opening of the instrument), as well as broken strings which can be costly.

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