Family Music for Babies

Early Childhood Music and Movement (Birth - 5 years old)

CYM’s Early Childhood Music and Movement Program (birth to 5 years) builds on children’s natural love of music through joyful activities that have them singing, playing instruments, moving, and listening.

Suzuki Studies (4 - 12 years old)

Suzuki Studies Program develops well-rounded, highly-skilled musicians by upholding careful performance standards for instrumental study and by providing thorough music literacy training.


Foundations (5 - 12 years old)

The Foundations Program is a comprehensive music curriculum that both teaches a beginning student the fundamentals and develops their individualized instrumental or vocal plan.

Explorers (8 - 12 years old)

In the Explorers Program, students establish fundamentals to listen to and play in voicing combinations that may be unfamiliar to them: the chamber ensemble, the string orchestra, and in contemporary ensembles.

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Young Artists (13 years old - 18 years old)

In the Young Artists Program, students demonstrate mastery as they continue their intensive training.

Time Wave (18 to 55+ years old)

Time Wave is CYM’s program for adult students. This is the perfect place for adults who played as a child and would like to return to music study, or for those who have always wanted to learn and are looking for a supportive and comfortable environment in which to start.


Not sure where to start?

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