Instrument Maintenance Plan


This plan is an inexpensive way to protect your rental investment. It covers most damage to your instrument (short of destruction, loss of the instrument, or major structural damage that necessitates the opening of the instrument), as well as broken strings which can be costly.

The maintenance agreement covers repair costs associated with incidental, minor damage to the instrument, including but not limited to, broken strings, chipped corners or edges, damaged pegs or tailpieces, etc., up to 35% of the instrument’s retail value for any single instance. The customer will be liable for any remaining repair cost in excess of 35% of the instrument’s retail value. If repair costs exceed 65% of the instrument’s retail value, or CYM determines an instrument to be otherwise lost or damaged beyond repair, customer will be liable for 65% of the retail value of the new replacement instrument. The rental contract may be canceled due to chronic or excessive damage, at CYM’s discretion. Customers should notify their homeowner’s insurance agent that the instrument is in their possession.

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