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Leah Simmi

Piano Trio Featured This Saturday

Remember to listen in live this Saturday, December 5th, here to go to or here to go to – as CYM students perform and are interviewed on the Saturday Light Brigade! The piano trio musicians have been practicing since February and are excited to share their hard work with you and all of the SLB’s listeners. We reached out to parents and students to get their perspective on the experience:

What I liked the most about playing in the trio with Abby and Andrew was collaborating with my classmates on something other than schoolwork! Playing together and keeping in time with each other taught me a lot about teamwork. Advice I would give to students that are thinking about starting a trio is to get people who know each other well, so that they know what to expect of each other at rehearsals and have fun. Thank you CYM for this experience and I am looking forward to next time! – Alena

The trio was surely a positive experience that helped Alena make new friends and experience the importance of interdependence and treating commitments responsibly. – Karina, Alena’s parent

It has been nice to be able to spend time with my friends in CYM. It is interesting to see the songs from other perspectives, aside from just piano. I would recommend participating in a trio, as it is a different musical experience than all of us are used to. It has been a great experience. – Abby

Abby has come to understand the songs through a different perspective, having been a part of this piano trio. She has come to see each piece through the eyes of her trio members, as well as the teachers. It has been very rewarding to see all of the hard work come together into beautiful pieces. Our family has had to be flexible to accommodate for practice times for the trio and we have been happy to do that. – Kim, Abby’s parent

We hope everyone can tune in!

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