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Piano Students Present Polished Book Recitals

On Thursday, June 18, Siena performed her Piano Book 3 Recital on Zoom for her family, friends and fellow CYM piano-mates! At this level of playing, piano students develop their left-hand technique, in pieces like “Theme” from Symphony No. 3, by Beethoven. In “The Wild Rider”, by Schumann, and in Sonatina in C Major Op. 36 No. 3, by Clementi, a student’s right-hand technique is developed . Additionally, the student becomes adept at implementing correct scale fingering, used in pieces like the first movement of Clementi’s Sonatina in C Major, Op. 36 No. 1, and both movements of Kuhlau’s Sonatina in C Major, Op. 55 No. 1. More active and complex pedaling is learned in “Little Waltz”, by Gurlitt.

Siena played the entire Book 3, all 12 pieces, and was so polished and prepared with all of this music. Ms. Simmi and everyone at CYM are very proud of Siena’s hard work to present for this occasion! Congratulations, Siena! On to Book 4! 

On the evening of June 18, Clara performed her Piano Book 5 Recital on Zoom for her family (across the country!) and fellow CYM piano-mates! In Book 5, piano students tackle more advanced and lengthier repertoire that requires their technique to be quite developed. They need to execute clear and precise ornamentation, such as trills, turns and mordents, found in pieces like Invention in C Major by J. S. Bach, the first movement of Sonata in C Major Hob 16:No. 35 by Haydn, Waltz in A minor by Chopin, and The Cuckoo by Daquin). There is also a study in counterpoint when the student begins working on Bach’s Invention in C Major.

Clara played all 11 pieces from this book and displayed such a high-level of musical expression and maturity in her playing! Ms. Simmi and everyone at CYM are so proud of the work Clara put in to preparing for this event! Bravo, Clara! On to Book 6! 

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