Parent and Child Classes: The Role of the Parent, according to Dr. Montessori

When parents first begin attending a class with their child, it is a normal desire for those parents to want to encourage, to prompt, to ensure that their child engages and “gets” what is happening around them.

At CYM we would like to offer a bit of a “break” for parents of early music learners! Because your child is naturally inquisitive, your role during class may be easier than you think! Assuming normal development is taking place, your child will see, hear, and feel what is happening around them in class!  So take a deep breath, a step back, and I give you permission to observe! You are there to model, to participate, and to be an anchor for your child!

Much of this philosophy is guided by the writings of Dr. Maria Montessori. Montessori’s granddaughter, in fact, has recently compiled her grandmother’s writings on the parents’ role  in Montessori Speaks to Parents, (2017, Montessori-Pierson Publishing).

Our curriculum here at CYM is designed to provide interesting moments to explore, to hear, to manipulate. Most of our activities will be things your child is trying for the very first time! Let them experience the moment on their own time-table, without pushing for quick understanding. Allow time to explore, time to try, again and again. Children develop intelligence through activity – so when they want to do something over and over, you know it is something developmentally beneficial!

And they will watch you, as well as the teacher, and others in class, to gain understanding. Parents model the playing of rhythm sticks, or drums, or singing, or dancing, and let the children do these things for themselves in order to develop intellect, will, and internal discipline.

I am inspired every day here at CYM when I see parents providing this kind of guidance in my Musikgarten classes! It’s happening all the time. Come check out one of our classes and see for yourself how these young children are learning with the nurturing, and modeling, of their amazing parents!



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