Now Bring Us Some …Figgy Pudding??


One of the most popular songs to sing this time of year is We Wish You a Merry Christmas. It could be we have been singing this song all of our lives but have not quite understood all the references. For example….figgy pudding. What exactly is figgy pudding? If we try to imagine what it is with our modern version of JELL-O® pudding, and limited understanding of figs (Fig Newton®, anyone?), we might assert that it should be called ICKY pudding!

But this yummy dessert has a deep history and is probably  way better than you think it is! Thankfully, the folks at the Post-Gazette have done some research and have the whole story here.

While you’re reading, feast your ears on this version of the carol as sung with humor, and excellence, by The King’s Singers!

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