Cellist Julia Solomon Joins Faculty

Julia Solomon believes strongly in the power of music. It has the ability to change a person’s life, and connect all humans emotionally through a universal language. She believes that music can positively impact the lives of children, and wishes to share her passion for music through teaching.  Julia began her cello studies at the …

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Leah’s Students Shine in Studio Recital

Congratulations to all of Ms. Leah’s students who took part in her Studio Recital last Sunday!  Avi, Melina, Chloe, Sophie, Jonah, Cecilia, Luke, Alexa and Alena performed on Zoom with a dozen guests listening to their beautiful music.  Pieces performed ranged from Twinkle Theme to the Bach Concerto in A Minor and a movement from …

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Alena’s Achievement

Congratulations to Alena for passing her Grade 8 ABRSM exam!  The ABRSM (Associated Boards of the Royal School of Music) is a curriculum started in the United Kingdom over 100 years ago.  There are eight levels.  The curriculum is available to many students and is used worldwide.  To play the exam students are given a choice …

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Mark’s Robust Serenade

Just eight students performed at the CYM Serenade on Saturday, February 28, though they shared a great deal of music among those in attendance, filling the hour. Giulia, Charlie, Sonia, Thomas, Aarnav, Eli, Caroline, and Lily each performed the two or three pieces they had prepared, and since even then time remained, some played “encores”! …

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Simmi’s “See You Later” Studio Recital

Wonderful News! Simmi Tripathi, CYM Piano Faculty, and her husband Dave have welcomed their new baby boy to the world! We are so happy for them and the entire Tripathi Family! Rallying around their beautiful life-changing event, and in honor of her efforts and the dedication of students and their parents, we went ahead with …

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Lily Shares Recording/Blues with Classmates

One of the most exciting things for an educator to experience is how well a lesson resonates with a student. Mr. Mark has had quite the busy week in preparation for his upcoming Serenade on February 27th, but wanted to take time to share this feedback from one of his students: “In class (in school) …

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Mark Marston Arranges a Classic

Creating an original arrangement of an existing piece of music is no small feat. It requires a thorough and deep understanding of the original piece’s construction, intent, and overall spirit. Which is why it is with great pride that CYM is excited to present an arrangement of Mr. Justin Holland’s Spanish March which our own …

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Who Was Justin Holland?

As a personal Black History Month project, I decided to do some research on Justin Holland, a 19th century African American classical guitarist whose life I found fascinating and a shame that more guitarists are not aware of. He is considered by many to be the most important American classical guitarist of his time (of …

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March Masterclasses

Play or sing for our teachers who will meet to further refine your “polished piece”: then give us your feedback about the experience. CYM Masterclass is free to the first 15 students who respond and have material and a performance ready to share and be critiqued. Contact vmcginnis@youngmusicians to express your interest and save a …

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Beo String Quartet Performs in Ann Arbor

The Beo String Quartet performed live from the Blue Llama Jazz Club in Ann Arbor this weekend for a delightful pairing of beautiful music and a chef curated dining experience. Their program consisted of Quiet Phobias  – John Shaughnessy Lost in the Sauce – Harvey Cummings, String Quartet No. 2, Op. 13 in a minor …

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Family Music for Babies

Amy Rucker Answers, “Why Music for Babies?”

Mrs. Amy Rucker describes the most natural and advantageous starting point for music education with Musikgarten colleagues in the following podcast:

Mark Marston Performs Justin Holland at Upcoming Serenade

Mr. Mark will host the next performance opportunity for students in February’s Serenade on the 27th at 3:00pm. In honor of Black History Month, Mark will perform music by Justin Holland, a 19th century African-American classical guitarist. Students can present performance-ready pieces to their friends, family, and peers as well, in a virtual space. The Serenade is …

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Tom Maroon Restrings His Guitar

Everyone needs a little help one in a while! First time guitarists and hobbyists can find it daunting to swap out an old or broken guitar string if they have never tried it. Never fear, Tom Maroon stopped by to demonstrate how to change your own guitar string so that you do not even need …

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Bending, Sliding, and Muting?

In Learn to Play Electric Guitar with Mark Marston, students used popular songs by the Rolling Stones and Eric Clapton to learn new techniques specific to electric guitar such as alternate picking, string bending, sliding, and palm muting. They also used the 12-bar blues to work on improvisation skills and reinforce basic music theory skills. …

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CYM Featured in Pittsburgh’s Kidsburgh

We are excited to share that writer Rege Behe reached out to include our insight for his article published this month – read it here: Music lessons in the time of Covid: How Pittsburgh schools are making it work | Pittsburgh is Kidsburgh

Craft Your Music is Here!

Music: A Timeless Companion Music finds us at every turn when we listen. We hear a song that touched us in younger days, memories spring back, familiar and welcome, like seeing the face of an old friend. The rush and re-awakening of that connection propels us to keep looking (or listening) for it: music energizes …

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February Practice Challenge

Three months of the year are designated as Practice Challenge months, October, February and May. During these months, your child is challenged by the school to practice his or her instrument every day for the length of their lesson. A school Practice Challenge Calendar is used to track the days, and each week the teacher …

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Valentine’s Ukulele Sing-A-Long

Feel like you’ll forever be cooped up working and studying at home? Give your heart a break at Center for Young Musicians this Valentine’s. Learn to serenade your sweetie with a ukulele: so small, light, and cheery, there will be instantaneous sunny vibes! Valentine’s Ukulele Sing-Along features “Let Me Call You Sweetheart”, “Something”, and “Can’t …

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