Lights, Camera, Sing!

The dynamic duo returns – Mark Marston and Lindsay McGinnis reveal your “sing and strum” talents with songs chosen from classic and popular movies. Learn pieces you recognize and those you want to know better in Ukulele Sing-A-Long: At The Movies. Students meet online for an hour and a half each day, 10:30 am to …

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Violin Practice Club

You Played What? Where?

Are you keeping secrets?! We would LOVE to hear about your school orchestra concert, choir competition, or band practice, wherever it took place! Send photos, program notes, highlights, etc., from any event that you would like to share, to Jake Niehl,, our music school’s Communications Manager. This past Wednesday, current and former CYM string …

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Play It First

Follow the natural flow of picking out a tune by ear from beginning to end, then return to the start for the tricks and techniques. Learning guitar can be this simple and fun! Tom Maroon motivates new students in Play It First for guitar because kids choose which song is next in cue to study. …

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Show What You Know – Share What You Love

Take a moment to read and reflect on our music school’s revised mission and values – “Students of the Center for Young Musicians develop liberated ability, refined characters, and a life-long love of music. Long-term relationships are a testament to the school’s emphasis on an early start and thorough music literacy and performance training. CYM …

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Ramping It Up!

So you own an electric guitar and amp or are fixated on getting them into your hands really, really soon? What to do next when there isn’t enough time in your weekly classical lessons to go into the distinctive techniques for each instrument’s approach? Let Saturdays in May be yours for Electric Guitar – Ramping …

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Book 1 Fun + Book 2 Crew

Chris Sforza and the violin group have had a great time making music together these past few months. Students played games to review and strengthen technique developed by the Suzuki literature, performed the “working” and “polished” pieces as solos for one another, and practiced being active listeners and audience members. Each new month was dedicated …

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Begin Violin Anew

Rochelle Agnew has envisioned this gathering for a while now. Saturdays in May, she will present Pre-Twinkle Violin: Readying Families for Success! The course is Rochelle’s fresh take on classical violin playing and the Philosophy of the Suzuki Method, first brought to the United States in the late 1950’s. She will offer this opportunity monthly …

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Motivated to Practice

Two third grade beginner cellists had great fun in March as they participated in Cello Practice Club, a new course offered each month at CYM. Highlights included playing exercises and songs from the Essential Elements Book 1, playing bingo to review concepts such as note names and rhythms, and learning tricks to help with techniques …

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Graduating With Smiles – Aarnav and Elijah Present Joint Recital

This past weekend, two guitar students advanced to the next levels. Aarnav, student of Mark Marston, and Elijah, a student of Erich Riebe, performed for friends and family to demonstrate their mastery of Book One and Book Two, respectively. They presented the programs on Saturday afternoon, March 27th, with Aarnav performing first, followed by Eli. …

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Practicing Well – “Every Day That You Eat” – Kenzie’s Goals Met

A heartfelt “Bravo!” to Kenzie, who practices the piano diligently everyday! The picture here shows Kenzie with the 200 Day Practice Challenge trophy that she earned in 2020. Kenzie will complete another 200 Day Challenge at the end of this month and she has every intention of keeping up these regular habits and becoming an …

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Modern Piano Event

Buddy at Modern Piano has reached out to CYM to share information about an exciting virtual concert being held TODAY! On Thursday, March 25th, Modern Piano will present an event on Facebook Live at 7:00 pm, hosted by Craig Knudsen (tech guy for “The Piano Guys”. We hope you will enjoy the opportunity to learn …

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Claudia’s Cello Recital

We invite you to Claudia’s Suzuki Cello Book 4 Graduation Recital this coming Saturday, March 27th at 10am! A graduation recital is a capstone to nearly a year’s worth of work–a snapshot of pieces and techniques that become part of the student’s permanent musical vocabulary–performed for fellow students, friends, and family. Claudia’s recital will be the …

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April’s Suzuki Graduation

Months and months of refinement and then what? We celebrate together! Riya and Sara have learned all of the pieces in Suzuki Book One and in Book Three and will matriculate jointly during a special performance of the literature presented in each level. If you would like to learn how to prepare your own Graduation …

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Netflix Films In Sewickley

The Center for Young Musicians provided socially distanced quiet space at 437 Beaver Street for Netflix personel this past chilly Monday, where actors and crew rested, read books, and drank coffee between filming takes of scenes from “The Chair”. Read about the project here:

Lindsay McGinnis “My Vocal Basics”

What could be better than getting together to sing your heart out with a friend? In My Vocal Basics, Lindsay McGinnis offers a relaxed start for the natural, no-rental fee, take anywhere instrument – your voice! Learn warm-ups and self care habits that invigorate, elegant posture that will bring out your most beautiful sounds – …

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Three Upcoming Serenades

Numerous skills are exercised through making the goal to master a new piece by a specific date, and performing it even better than one anticipated. Most notably a student gains reason, and, with the guidance of an exceptional teacher, the means to expect and experience focused practice daily. We hope you will sign up to …

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Tom Teaches Tuning

Watch this lively video where Tom Maroon shows you how to tune the strings on your guitar with one of his favorite apps!

Ukulele Sing-Along Set Undertakes New Valentine Rep

With four “repeat” participants, Mark and Lindsay’s Valentine Ukulele Sing-Along moved quickly beyond the basics. Branching out into chord structures less predictable and intervals less familiar, students worked through material difficult to physically coordinate and tricky to vocally place in tune. Ms. Lindsay pointed out how well students developed the ability to sing acapella, hearing …

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