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Parent and Child Classes: The Role of the Parent, according to Dr. Montessori

When parents first begin attending a class with their child, it is a normal desire for those parents to want to encourage, to prompt, to insure that their child engages and “gets” what is happening around them.

At CYM we would like to offer a bit of a “break” for parents of early music learners! Because your child is naturally inquisitive, your role during class may be easier than you think! Assuming normal development is taking place, your child will see, hear, and feel what is happening around them in class!  So take a deep breath, a step back, and I give you permission to observe! You are there to model, to participate, and to be an anchor for your child!

Much of this philosophy is guided by the writings of Dr. Maria Montessori. Montessori’s granddaughter, in fact, has recently compiled her grandmother’s writings on the parents’ role  in Montessori Speaks to Parents, (2017, Montessori-Pierson Publishing).

Our curriculum here at CYM is designed to provide interesting moments to explore, to hear, to manipulate. Some instruments or ideas are things your child is trying for the very first time! Let them experience the moment on their own time-table, without pushing for quick understanding. Allow time to explore, time to try again and again. Children develop intelligence through activity – so when they want to do something over and over, you know it is something developmentally beneficial!

And they will watch you, as well as the teacher, and others in class, to gain understanding. Parents model the playing of rhythm sticks, or drums, or singing, or dancing, and let the children do these things for themselves in order to develop intellect, will, and internal discipline.

I am inspired every day here at CYM when I see parents providing this kind of guidance in my Musikgarten classes! it’s happening all the time. Come check out one of our classes and see for yourself how these young children are learning with the nurturing, and modeling, of their amazing parents!


2019 – New Year, New Goals!

New Year, New Goals! One of the best ways to make progress in anything is to set goals for yourself. January is a natural time to think about a path of success and how to achieve all that your heart desires! At Center for Young Musicians, we believe in having our students set goals – for performance, for musicianship, and for bringing music into the lives of others! Every student has a “CYM Annual Goals” card. How many items has your student checked off in “Performance and Event Goals”? Three? Four? Check the calendar for upcoming events, and talk with your teacher! Let’s see 7 check-marks on your card this session! Reach for the stars!

Another 200-Day Practice Challenge Winner!

Congratulations to piano student of Ms. Simmi, Kenzie Bucchi, for being awarded with a 200-Day Practice Challenge trophy!  Not only did Kenzie give a great performance at the Holiday Concert, but she worked very hard for 200 straight days to achieve this huge accomplishment.  Keep it up, Kenzie!

A Holiday Highlight: CYM Holiday Concert 2018

The evening of December 21st, the First Unitarian Church of Shadyside was bustling with activity- several meetings and a dance recital were going on upstairs, and downstairs, was CYM’s 2018 Holiday Concert.  With 34 student performers, this concert was well over double the size of last year’s Holiday Concert.  The space was packed with proud parents, dedicated students, and young children, who sat up front admiring and learning from the performers.  The hour long performance lead by guitar teacher Mr. Erich included piano, violin, cello, and guitar students.  We are so proud of everyone for closing out the 2018 year with smiling faces, beautiful music, and an atmosphere of positive energy.


CYM Students Play at the Nutcracker

Our cello and violin students entertained concert-goers of the Nutcracker at the beautiful Heinz Hall.  They gave pre-concert and intermission performances, and got to watch the Nutcracker.  It has been so fun to see our young musicians perform all through Pittsburgh this holiday season; and we are so proud of all who have participated.


CYM Student Graduates From Suzuki Book

A big congratulations to Eliza, cello student of Mr. Ryan, who graduated from Suzuki Book 2 last Saturday!  Completing a Suzuki book takes many months of hard work and dedication.  Good luck with your future cello endeavors, Eliza!

PPG Wintergarden Performance

On Saturday, December 15th, CYM students entertained ice skaters!  Guitar and piano students performed festive music for the families at PPG Wintergarden, creating an atmosphere of holiday cheer.  It’s amazing how professionally our young musicians conduct themselves in public settings; we are so proud of them!

Pictured: Ayan Ganesh and Mr. Mark




A 200-Day Practice Challenge Award Winner!

Last night, during our annual Light Up Night celebration, Luke Shin was given the 200-day Practice Challenge Award! It takes great determination and effort to achieve this goal, and Luke, you did it!


A Wonderful Light Up Night

There was an incredible turn out at last night’s CYM’s Sewickley Light Up Night celebration 2018! Thank you to Ms. Grace and all of the faculty and students who made last night magical.


All of the students SHINED during their performances. Bravo!

More Awards for CYM Students!

“To acheive great things, one needs two things: a plan, and not quite enough time.”   ~Leonard Bernstein                                               

Well, we have two CYM students who planned well, and achieved very great things!

Next up in our Awards highlights: The Good Citizen Award, and the Young Artist Certificate!


The Good Citizen Award recognizes students who demonstrate consistent growth in musical skill, and who also contribute good will to fellow students at CYM and the extended community. Goals include performing at several CYM events and at least one event serving the greater community. This Award was presented to: Clara Yuo!

 Ms Simmi and Clara

Clara studies with Simmi Tripathi. This school year, she performed the first movement of Beethoven Piano Sonata Op. 49, No. 2 at the PMTA’s Honor’s Recital for the Dorothy Sutton Performance Festival contestants who are advancing to the state level. At the state level, she performed at Temple University and received a Dorothy Sutton Performance
Festival medal and certificate.


The Young Artist Certificate recognizes students who are actively performing in and assisting with CYM’s concerts and activities. This award has three levels of achievement. The SCHOLAR shows consistent effort, musical growth, and personal commitment to his/her program of study by performing at various CYM events, attending two events, and attending two Department Group classes. This Award was presented to: Julian Drake!

Julian studies guitar with Danny Rectenwald. He is in 9th grade
and has been playing the guitar for ten years. He plays guitar in his school’s jazz band. In addition to guitar, he studies percussion with Phil Webster of the River City Brass Band. He plays the snare drum in the North Hills High School Marching Band and hopes to play marching tenor drums (quads) next season. He is a percussionist in the North Hills Wind Symphony. He enjoys composing music in his spare time. After he graduates, he wants to study Computer
Science and become a software engineer.


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