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Ms. Amy’s “Family Music for Babies” Pop-Up Re-Cap!

By last Friday, “Word of Mouth” about CYM’s free babies class had reached parents in Ambridge and Imperial, crossed into Mason and Cincinnati, Ohio, was heard in Chicago, Knoxville, Houston, and the Bronx, and was also received in India and Great Britain – and families rsvp-ed to attend! Ms. Amy held the virtual class, Family Music for Babies by Musikgarten, and babies bopped, bounced, giggled and swayed happily! Ms. Amy shares the importance of introducing music to newborns and reflects here about the pop-up:

“Last Friday I had the opportunity to meet with parents and their little ones for an online Family Music for Babies Musikgarten class. We had families from all over the world sign up to participate in this free intro session. We greeted each baby with a ‘Hello’ song, and then we sang, danced, rocked, bounced, and chanted our way through the next 30 minutes, which literally flew by.

Parents are the key in this online scenario. They watch me to see how to do an activity, and then they create the experience for their baby, who is totally focused on their caregiver(s). All attending parents were engaged and participated naturally as they brought the moves, dances, and bounces to their little one. 

A class like this provides the aural foundation for music learning, as it feeds the ear-brain connection, and builds on the aptitude for music which is present at birth. The babies ranged in age from 5 months to 11 months, and, judging from their expressions, and the joy expressed by the parents, I’d say they had a ball. I know I did!”

A hearty thank you to everyone who was able to attend this free pop-up – register here for the next class.

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