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Mr. Ryan’s Student Presents Suzuki Book 3 Recital

Book recitals are a celebratory time for all students at CYM and we are thrilled to tell you that one of Mr. Ryan’s students has completed his Suzuki Book 3 Graduation requirements. Here’s what Mr. Ryan had to say:

“Congratulations to Yazan on a successful Cello Book 3 Graduation Recital this past Saturday!
A graduation recital is a capstone to nearly a year’s worth of work–a snapshot of pieces and techniques that become part of the student’s permanent musical vocabulary–performed for fellow students, friends, and family. 
Yazan displayed great poise, ease of technique and pure tone for the performance. He also worked as his own DJ, operating the accompaniment tracks himself from his computer 🙂 
It’s time to celebrate the view at this milepost, and best wishes for all the performances to come!”

Thank you Yazan and family for your dedication!

We are so happy to see you continue to challenge yourself with Mr. Ryan and the cello!

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