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Mr. Mark’s New Courses Start This Week

It’s almost time! Mr. Mark’s two new courses, Learn to Play the Blues, and also, Recording/Chamber Music, start this week. In Learn to Play the Blues, students learn basic blues progressions, and the history of the blues and how it has helped shape modern music. The worlds of B.B. King, Muddy Waters, Eric Clapton, will be introduced. Students will be able to trace the lineage of the blues all the way through to modern stars like Alicia Keys, The Weeknd, and even Drake.

And in Recording/Chamber Music, students will learn how to use Soundtrap, an innovation in the recording world. Soundtrap is a free audio editing website that allows users to create their own music, loops, and beats, and collaborate with others. Here’s a look at the site to give an idea of what to expect in Mr. Mark’s course:

Register for either of these courses here or look for them on CYM’s web site under “Summer Camp”.

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