Mr. Erich’s Serenade Summary

The Fall season kicked off with a bang at this past Saturday’s “September Serenade”! As a prelude, Mr. Erich shared paintings from the Romantic Era, one titled “Serenade”, as well as a funny clip from Tom & Jerry showing Tom the Cat singing a serenade. The student performers each played three pieces of various types, presenting music from the Classical Era (Seitz Concerto #5 in D Major), folk songs (Home on the Range), and modern pieces from favorite video games and movies (Super Mario Brothers, Minecraft, and Star Wars). The guitar, violin, and viola were represented and more experienced students inspired others with additional pieces from Book 4 – it was great to hear the product of so many years of study! Mr. Erich ended the Serenade by playing Bourree from BWV 996 by Johann Sebastian Bach.

The audience was extremely supportive and even made beautiful signs to hold up for one another: that made a really big impression for one student, as it was their very first performance. Not only was Mr. Erich happy that each performer fully participated, he appreciated that the group respectfully processed an important lesson together – the more polished the piece, the easier it is to share – both seasoned and new performers benefited from the result of having time on the program to play pieces that they were still working to master.

The Serenade gave experienced kids a chance to meet their performance goals and allowed newer players to “dip a toe” into getting in front of an audience. Great job to all of you and thanks for attending!

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