Mark’s Robust Serenade

Just eight students performed at the CYM Serenade on Saturday, February 28, though they shared a great deal of music among those in attendance, filling the hour. Giulia, Charlie, Sonia, Thomas, Aarnav, Eli, Caroline, and Lily each performed the two or three pieces they had prepared, and since even then time remained, some played “encores”! Lily had a special addition and played two pieces by the composer Ignatius Sancho, to celebrate Black History Month; she learned about this composer in Ms. Rochelle’s course, Music by Black Composers. Mr. Mark opened and closed the program with music by Justin Holland, and gave a short presentation on his life and music. Friends and family from near and from as far away as California, Italy, and France, watched and cheered. Attendees from overseas commented that they stayed for the whole performance even though it was late due to the time difference, because they enjoyed it so much. Thank you all for your preparation and for participating. See you next time!

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