Listen and Watch – Bach Chaconne for 14 Violins

A Chaconne is a musical form: a set of musical variations over the same harmony.  One of the most famous Chaconnes ever written is the last movement of J. S. Bach’s Partita No. 2 in D minor for solo violin.  The movement is remarkable because of its duration, almost 15 minutes long, and because even at this length it was created for a violinist to play non-stop, alone.  The performer needs a lot of stamina to both learn and perform the piece, there is no accompaniment, no rests written in the music, and no place to relax.

During the month of April several well known violinists decided to put together a version of this famous composition.  Locatable on Youtube and called “Chaconne at Home for 14 Violinists”, you can watch it down below.  Seeing how accomplished violinists around the world came together to play this stunning piece in unison, we are reminded of music’s power to articulate, in this case, without words.  Through centuries of human struggle and endeavor, Bach’s music continues to move and inspire, immediately effecting the heart. We’ll look for your comments on the post!

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