It’s Never Too Late – Adult Music Study and How You Can Make it Happen


If you are an adult who has ever considered taking up an instrument (and who hasn’t at one time or another?), here is some real-life encouragement for you – from other adults who have taken the plunge, and never looked back.

This article, written by Miranda Wilson for Strings Magazine, offers five tips to start musical study on a new instrument. She addresses getting over the embarrassment of not knowing anything about the instrument, finding a great teacher who will help you reach YOUR goals, and she helps all of us see how adult skills in other disciplines are transferable to music study.

The best part is realizing the benefits- and how choosing to study music as an adult of any age can bring life-changing experiences and immeasurable joy.

CYM offers adult study in all of our instrumental areas! Call or visit the website to learn more or to sign up.

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