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Holiday DVD coming soon!

This Thanksgiving, we asked students to record themselves playing some of their favorite pieces so the they could safely share music with the elderly in local nursing homes. We were moved to see such an enthusiastic response to this project! Thanks to the students, Jake Niehl, CYM Communications, has created a 40 minute long video that includes a wide variety of songs. Once delivered, the compilation will offer much joy to those who will not hear live music at this time of year because of the pandemic. The project was an inspiring undertaking, and we look forward leading another soon… we hope that if you were not able to participate this time, you do in the next “go ’round”. A very sincere thank you to all those students who submitted videos, and to the teachers who were able to help record and submit videos; we appreciate your generous spirits! Be sure to read your Take Note, where the next project will be announced. Have a very happy holiday and new year!

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