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Happy Anniversary Leah: 2.1.2000 – 2.1.2020!

Our regularly scheduled faculty/staff meeting was interrupted this week with flowers, cupcakes, and singing! All because Leah Givelber is celebrating her 20th year with Center for Young Musicians!

Faculty and staff surprised Ms. Leah at the start of the meeting by singing and bringing out a banner that read “Congratulations, Leah for 20 years with CYM”. Laughter ensued as Ms. Leah was clearly unaware that a celebration was in the works.

Not only is Leah a gifted performer, but also a teacher of all ages, with a keen eye for detail, including administrative functions of the business and communication with parents.

Victoria read a tribute to Leah, highlighting her gifts and all she has brought to us.

A few of her reflections:

“As a refined teacher and musician, Leah has positively impacted students’ technique, understanding, and enjoyment of music. As Vice-President of Academic Affairs, she has introduced numerous and highly qualified faculty members to our team. Leah has participated in every aspect of CYM’s development (curricula, processes, and culture)  and we are enormously appreciative of her 20 years with CYM.”

Congratulations, Leah!

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