New Book Recital Graphic

Graduating With Smiles – Aarnav and Elijah Present Joint Recital

This past weekend, two guitar students advanced to the next levels. Aarnav, student of Mark Marston, and Elijah, a student of Erich Riebe, performed for friends and family to demonstrate their mastery of Book One and Book Two, respectively. They presented the programs on Saturday afternoon, March 27th, with Aarnav performing first, followed by Eli. Family members living around the world jumped onto Zoom to watch the joint recital. The audience included people from Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, South Carolina, and also India. Mr. Mark and Mr. Erich send a “big congratulations” to Aarnav and Elijah for their performances, and CYM sends a “big thank you” to their parents and extended families for supporting the endeavour. Great job everyone!

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