Free Spinet Piano

Tired of the action on your electric keyboard or want an acoustic upgrade? This Baldwin Acrosonic spinet, built sometime in the late 1940’s, is free and ready for a new home. It is approximately 26″ deep x 59″ wide x 36″ tall and as you can see in the picture, very pretty! This instrument has been played infrequently in the past 10 years, well maintained over its life, and it was reported in good playing condition when last tuned.

The spinet is located near the Wexford CYM location, toward the southern end of the Wexford flats near NASH and the current owner asks that the new owner pay for the instrument to be moved. We recommend JFK Piano and Furniture Moving Company 412-760-9283 – use the dimensions listed above when calling to get a quote for transport.

Contact info@youngmusicians.org if you would like more information.

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