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Focus On The Good Things Happening In Your Child

It is said that Dr. Suzuki lived with “a kind heart and unshakable belief in a brighter future.” 

Mentors and role models are helping us so much in these difficult times – many kids find themselves more reliant on parent encouragement than they were earlier in the year and what a difference it makes to call out the positives! 

Sharing what you notice about hoped-for changes taking place can quickly shift music practice (and family life) from burdensome to pleasant.

To that end, we hope that regardless the program, instrument, or class type in which you are enrolled at CYM, you take a minute to check out the free resources available from the Suzuki Association of the Americas. Just go to , tap News, then Videos.

Material there includes 181 videos that provide tips for more effective practice, advice from teachers, interviews with students, inspiring reflections and performances, and reminders of why music study continues to be relevant,

One video titled “A Perspective On Parenting Teens” by Gabe Bolkoysky (under Child Development), discusses how important it is for parents to take a step back even if they might not like what they hear as their teen practices independently, and also, how playing chamber music offers kids a tremendous sense of connectedness and purpose. Students working on Chamber Music with Simmi, Ryan, or Leah, or those who might like to reach out to their teachers to form a new ensemble, may particularly enjoy this video. 

Another piece titled, “Why Perform?” by Meredith Harris (under Motivation), discusses how performing often builds the confidence needed to perform well, and why sharing music helps students understand how they impact others. Students at CYM looking to bolster their performance experience will find opportunities through Department Groups and Serenades – watch for them on the Calendar and rsvp through Eventbrite – and if you have not yet considered CYM’s Good Citizen or Young Artist Certificate Programs, you may find that using these templates satisfies the desire to serve others through music and gain additional performance practice. Ask your teacher how you can get started.

On the SAA’s site you can also find videos of large ensemble performances, like the footage of participant guitarists at the 2014 Conference held in Minneapolis and a presentation of the Carnival of The Animals from the 2018 Conference.

Again, this is a free resource, relevant to any music student and their family, and we hope that it helps you create a joyful home practice environment.

Note: Many of the free videos are taken from former year’s content of the SAA program entitled “Parents and Partners Online Video Inspiration for Suzuki Parents and Teachers”. If you would like access to the most recently (2020) produced educational collection, at the discounted group rate of $12, please email

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