February is Practice Challenge Month


Did you know that three months of the year we have a Practice Challenge?

What is it, how do we jump in, and when is the next one?

Three months of the year are designated as Practice Challenge months: October, February and May. The goal for your child is to practice his or her instrument every day, for the length of their lesson. Lesson and Group Class days count as practice days.
An official “Practice Challenge Calendar” is used to track the days, and each week the student shows this chart to the teacher for his or her signature. The students who successfully complete the challenge are honored with Practice Challenge medals at the next CYM recital, special event, or Group Class.
These Practice Challenges not only provide excellent drive towards consistent and remarkable progress, but instill habits of practice that will benefit your child for the remainder of their musical study.
A bigger goal-setting quest comes with the 200 Day Practice Challenge, and of course, families can set their own goals to create a unique adventure.
Read the blog post on the Tedford family about their practice accomplishment and enjoy a parent’s inspiring perspective!
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