Fall, Football, and Fight Songs!


Did you know that this is the 150th anniversary of college football? And the college fight song is right behind it, as the first college fight song, Boston College’s “For Boston” was composed in 1885!

Collegiate traditions have held fast through the years, thankfully! There is a stirring in our hearts when we hear our alma mater’s fight song. These songs were written for that very purpose: to tie us to our younger years, old friends, and the team we rooted for! Singing with others this music laden with history makes us feel a part of a vast, time-honored tradition!

As marching bands moved from their role in wartime maneuvers to more ceremonial functions, colleges across the country began forming bands to rally student pride for various campus activities. The first half time show featuring a college marching band was in 1907. And we as a country have enjoyed the tradition ever since!

We don’t have to look too far to find some of the best fight songs ever written! In a search for the “best college fight songs” one will consistently find the names of four schools that are a stone’s throw from Pittsburgh!

Take a listen to these great fight songs:

University of Pittsburgh

Hail to Pitt, written in 1910


Penn State University

Fight On, State, written in 1933


West Virginia University

Hail, West Virginia, written in 1915


The Ohio State University

The Buckeye Battle Cry, written in 1919, ranked #2 in the country by CBS Sports!

This weekend, take a moment to watch and listen to this wonderful musical tradition! 

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