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Julia Solomon believes strongly in the power of music. It has the ability to change a person’s life, and connect all humans emotionally through a universal language. She believes that music can positively impact the lives of children, and wishes to share her passion for music through teaching. 

Julia began her cello studies at the Center for Young Musicians at the age of five. Since then she has had wonderful opportunities to study with many incredible cello teachers, such as Rowena Gutana, Gregory Buyanover, Adam Liu, and now Alan Stepansky. These teachers have been so inspirational to her, especially as she has become more involved in the field of education.

Music was an important part of Julia’s childhood, especially as she became more involved in local youth orchestras and chamber music. When playing music, she felt most at home. The friendships made during classes and rehearsals are those she enjoys still today, and foresees as those that will sustain her far into the future. As a music educator, Julia’s commitment to passing this love of music on to the students she teaches, is undeterred. In addition, Julia works with the Pittsburgh organization “Fostering Music,” which brings instruments and music lessons to children in or adopted out of foster care. This group gives children the opportunity to find their passion, and a place to belong within themselves and through music.

Education & Certification
  • Julia studies Cello Performance and Music Education at the Peabody Conservatory of the Johns Hopkins University. She will graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in the Spring of 2022, then remain for one year longer to pursue a Master’s Degree in Cello Performance and Pedagogy.

    Julia loves teaching and working with children because of their energy and enthusiasm! She excels as a cello teacher who delivers well organized lesson plans with consistency and a warm and patient personality. She successfully motivates and “sets-up” beginners, and sustains the good practice habits of intermediate players through balanced and effective individual instruction. Julia has interned at several of Howard County Public School’s music classrooms, as well as gained valuable experience interacting with children through jobs as a daycare teacher and summer nanny. She is dedicated to continuously learning about young people and bringing out the best in them through music.


- Anti-Racism Training (Institute of El Paso, 2020)
- White Fragility and Music Education (Kodály Summer Program, 2020)
- Child Abuse and Neglect: Multidisciplinary Approaches (UWW, 2020)
- Music and the Neurodiverse Learner (Peabody Institute, 2020)
- Educational Psychology/Learning Theories (Peabody Institute, 2019-2020)
- LGBT+ Safe Zone Training (Johns Hopkins University, 2018)

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