Night Mart

CYM’s incredible #FreeTheMusic Summer!

Sometimes, the universe seemingly opens and drops an incredible gift into your lap. CYM was fortunate enough to have this same luck earlier this summer when a non-profit organization named Free The Music selected the CYM Sewickley storefront as a recipient of one of their incredibly restored pianos.

If you live in the Sewickley area, you’ve probably spotted a few of the Free the Music pianos. These amazingly decorated pianos adorn the streets of downtown Sewickley (as well as a couple of other areas) enticing citizens to step in and fill the air with music.

The sheer number of people who have stopped and asked to play the piano has been astounding. Teenagers, adults, and children of all ages have asked to try the piano in the front display. One gentleman began to play, and another man asked if he could just sit and listen for a while! Night Mart brings about an entirely new experience where people can celebrate the many colors of music -on a neon piano!  Even the piano keys are colorful!

We cannot begin to fully express our gratitude to Free the Music for selecting our storefront for one of their gorgeous pianos. It has been a gift sharing the piano with the community and having so many citizens come in to play.

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