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CYM Violinists Take the Home Stage

Book 2 Violin Recital

Sydney, student of Ms. Rochelle, performed her Book 2 recital this past week. Ms. Rochelle confirms that Sydney was very polished and gave a fabulous performance of all of the pieces.
Her family joined her at home, and Ms. Rochelle joined by Zoom. At the end, Sydney said she was excited to move on to Book 3. Congratulations, Sydney! 

Violin Department Group

The violin department held their last group class of the CYM school year on Saturday, June 6th. CYM would like to offer a sincere thank you to all students who were able to attend the Department Group classes throughout the past year. These classes are an important and fun way to develop not only musical technique, but social skills as well.

Ms. Leah had this to say about the department group: “The last violin Department Group of the CYM school year was a success! During the groups this year students had a chance to play as a group, practice performing and listen to selections from the wider violin repertoire. “

Thank you again to all the CYM students who were able to participate in a Department Group lesson this year!

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