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I recently watched an episode of American Idol where a young man played guitar and sang. Not so unusual in and of itself, but it was the fact that he taught himself how to play, beginning at the age of 20! It is truly rare to find someone who has taught themselves how to play any instrument. Especially to that degree of beauty. I was moved! It was like watching August Rush (which you should watch if you haven’t!). 

This summer there will be lots of opportunities to learn more about playing the guitar. Here is your chance to try something new, and gain literacy skills! Guided by our expert faculty, you can connect with your inner guitarist! You’ll learn songs to sing, and chords to strum€¦hence the title HUM & STRUM!  

Music is really so accessible. You can make music pretty much anywhere- and in this camp you’ll be singing, moving to music, and learning chords to strum. It only takes a few chords to sing many different songs! If you already are studying another instrument, your time in this camp will strengthen your reading, and your understanding of harmonies. You’ll be that much more ready for lessons in the fall. 

We would rather you not wait until you are 20 to begin, so children ages 5-9 are invited to this camp! Together with their parents they will get a great start on guitar playing. If desired, those students will be a step ahead on private guitar lessons in the fall, where they can take their new skills to the next level and work on more advanced techniques!  

Instruments will be provided – come ready to sing and make music! 

See you this summer for Hum & Strum in Wexford, June 17-21, 2:00-4:30, cost $250.   Use the coupon code Earlybird19 to save 25% on the tuition.

Register online for the Wexford Location 

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