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CYM Faculty Teaches Webinar on the Purpose of Movement in Musikgarten

Teachers from around the country have signed up to take an online webinar with CYM faculty, Ms. Amy. This presentation was originally made during a Musikgarten Festival in Charlotte, NC, in 2019, and is now open to any teachers who have interest in learning more about movement and the important role it plays in the Musikgarten curriculum.

If you have ever had a student in our Suzuki Readiness group lessons or in a Musikgarten class, you have experienced, first hand, the emphasis on large muscle movements, dances, and moving to the beat. Or maybe you have walked by the group room in Sewickley and casually wondered what was happening in there!

Movement in these classes is a means to embody musical concepts. The very young babies and toddlers are feeling the beat, while hearing the music. They swing with an adult, or move around the room, changing direction and actions with the change in the music. These young children are internalizing form, pitch, and beat – so that when they do move to an instrument, they have a connection to the elements music. Older students learn complex dances, and create unique pathways that internalize style, tone, and emotional character of many styles of music. Later, when they learn to play an instrument, the sound is IN them, and they figure out how to bring that sound out of their instrument!

Sometimes it just feels like fun and free dancing – but in every movement activity in Musikgarten there is an underlying purpose. This purpose is what will be examined next week in Ms. Amy’s webinar.

“Moving Through the Musikgarten” is happening online Wednesday, April 29, 10:00 am – 11:30 am

For more information about attending this teacher training webinar, contact Musikgarten. To find a class for your young ones ages birth to 8, please visit CYM. Online classes are happening now, and we would love to help your children lay the foundation for a lifetime of music making!

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