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Wow! What a Line Up – CYM Courses Winter 2021

Committed to providing meaningful, individualized, and productive experiences in music, our team is ready with courses for Adults and Youth that begin or supplement your music education! CYM teachers are focused on your journey – thank heavens for these caring musicians, yes? With courses that address the needs of new parents, to those who want to express themselves through original songs, those committed to building technical skills or just wanting to make friends through a joyful medium… our music community is listening to YOU. Let us all become stronger in the New Year, by connecting more deeply with our families and friends, and finding peace through diligent engagement in the language of music – the building block of a fruitful and contributive life. Read on!

First Songs, with Tom Maroon, helps beginning guitarists familiarize themselves with their instrument through popular songs. Students are encouraged (but not required) to explore singing and playing guitar simultaneously. In addition to the pieces they will be assigned to learn, students are welcome to choose one of their favorite songs to bring to the group! Skill-appropriate adaptations of popular songs will be taught by Mr. Tom, as they are available. Students will develop music literacy skills and gain experience playing in a group setting with other guitarists. Youth: 6 – 10 years. Adults: 18 + years.

Experience the joy of playing the piano with Amy Rucker in Musikgarten Adults: Enjoying the Piano Together Online. Learn to play your favorite songs and join the comfortable, fun, relaxed, group atmosphere. This course is for adults at any level of experience, or for those who have no experience at all! Learn basic chords that allow you to play multiple songs, and along the way, you’ll discover how to read music, improvise, and compose. Lots of laughter and fun will abound in this approach that Amy has used for many years – part one of a three-part series. Adults: 18 + years.

In Cello Practice Club and Violin Practice Club students new to an instrument learn good habits and basic technique while they receive individualized support on school orchestra music. Students play note-reading games, map fingerboards, and prepare their school parts in a manner which will make them reliable contributors and confident leaders of their section. This course addresses the needs of beginners who may not want to take up individuals lessons but want specific questions answered, skills demonstrated or explained, and encouragement given. Motivational practice tips are provided to parents by your instructor, cellist Julia Solomon, or violinist Chris Sforza. Flex Start means a new session begins at the top of each month, so you can join in whenever your pod or group is ready, or renew to keep building skills, enrolling for 4 meetings at at time. Create your own group – the familiar faces from music class, friends from the neighborhood who just started to play too, or a sibling with whom you would like to share a lesson. Youth: 7 – 12 years.

Musikgarten Music Makers: Around the World with Amy Rucker, is Part 2 of a two-year sequential program designed to give your child a solid music-making foundation for the three-year Music Makers: At the Keyboard curriculum. This class is an excellent follow-up for children who have completed Music Makers: At Home, and is a purposeful piano/keyboard preparation for older children new to Musikgarten. We will travel the world, experiencing native songs, instruments, dances, stories, and customs. In these explorations, we will continue to enjoy the things that make Musikgarten joyful: singing, listening, playing instruments, and learning dances. We will build on the rhythm and tonal patterns, and will continue to echo and to write patterns, turning them into phrases through composition and improvisation. Children will delight in learning to recognize patterns in music in its written form – this is the beginning of truly understanding the music language! Everything we do in Music Makers: Around the World gets children prepared for Music Makers: at the Keyboard next year! Materials include manipulatives, instrument pages, music papers, illustrated family book, and recordings available through CD or music download link. Youth: 6 – 7 years.

What is a jig and how do you play one? Fiddle Time with Jigs, led by Meredith Hopkins, will teach you the basics for playing jigs, focus on tunes from Scotland and Ireland, and impart facts and lore through stories related to the form. Learn tunes by ear and with sheet music; Meredith Hopkins, US Fiddle Champion, registered through Suzuki Violin Book 8 and Viola Book 6, is your guide. All materials shared via PDF. Youth: 8+ years. Adult: 18+ years.

Musikgarten Cycle of Seasons: Sun Catchers with Amy Rucker or Lindsay McGinnis is an exploration of all the things children love and are ready to imagine, create, discuss, and act out. Building on the the exploding vocabulary of the 3 – 5 year old, this class is designed to utilize and strengthen the developmental milestones (creative thinking, problem-solving, working as a team, and communication) of this age group. Musical concepts become more concrete as we create ensembles, tell stories through music, and begin to understand music concepts, aurally and visually. Focused listening, dancing, playing instruments, and singing all continue to prepare young musicians for a lifetime of music enjoyment! Youth: 3 – 5 years.

What could be better than getting together to learn and play guitar with a friend? Check out My Guitar Basics with Erich Reibe, who is committed to a solid yet relaxed start for you on the instrument. Versatile, melodious, and portable, the guitar is an excellent instrument to choose – play music you love for eager listeners, anytime, anywhere. Mr. Erich gives individual feedback in a group setting, teaches good positioning and practice habits, and guides players through common chord progressions and favorite melodies. Flex Start means a new session begins at the top of each month, so you can join in whenever your pod or group is ready, or renew to keep building skills, enrolling for 4 meetings at at time. Youth: 5 + years. Adult: 18 + years.

Did you know that all children are born with music aptitude? Which means that introducing the language of music in the first few months of life will allow natural music abilities to take root and grow! Surround your baby with quality music and enjoyable games, rhymes, dancing, singing and instruments in Musikgarten Family Music for Babies with Amy Rucker – you’ll develop music as a language, laying down the foundation for all future music learning and enjoyment. This online course allows parents to follow and take teacher-led activities to baby, in the comfort of the home environment. Youth: 0 – 16 months.

Hear, sing, play, read and write all aspects of music! Ryan Ash presents Mr. Ryan’s Music Games that features the best songs, movements, and games drawn from a wide range of curricula. Students intuitively learn musical flow, pattern recognition, improvisation, pitch and rhythm reading, vocabulary, and writing. Experienced students can remember, play, and write down a melody they’ve heard only once or twice (a skill college freshmen can find challenging)! Upper levels of the course explore further the basics of harmony, music theory, and history. Music Games 2 is best suited to ages 5-7 or students in their second year of instrument study, and Music Games 3 is best suited to ages 6-8 or students in their third year of instrument study. Youth: 5 – 7 years or 6 – 8 years.

Write, document, and share your musical ideas and compositions in Introduction to Songwriting with Tom Maroon as your guide! Students will explore individual inspirations in this course, developing the skills to create original melodies on guitar. The composition of emotive chord progressions will be discussed and applied – why do some chords and their combinations sound more harmonious than others? Tips to assist instrumentalists to play and sing simultaneously (and convincingly) will be offered. Students compose several of their own pieces of music by the end of this course. Youth: 8 – 12 years. Adults: 18 + years.

Chris Sforza welcomes new participants and continues to offer Suzuki Violin Book 1 Fun and Book 2 Crew! This CYM Course is open to all violin students working on pieces in Suzuki Book 1 and 2. Join Mr. Chris weekly to review technique and literature, strengthen reading skills, learn theory and history, listen and reflect on music together and perform virtually… calling all violinists who want to advance while playing music games and having fun with friends! Youth: 5+ years.

Come join a Cello Ensemble! From playing shared repertoire, sightreading, technique games, and even a small recording project, cello students develop their ensemble, technical, and music literacy skills in a playful atmosphere provided by Ryan Ash. This virtual course is best suited to students studying the Suzuki Cello School Books II-IV (or equivalent). Youth: 6+ years.

Intro to Electric Guitar gives any student a successful start on this truly riveting and American invention. Join Mark Marston, guitar instructor for close to three decades, who will expertly lead you to play regardless of your background: classical guitarists, guitar owners, and students of other instruments. Learn to play pop, rock, blues, basic chords, and improvisation. Students need to have an electric guitar for this course and a link to recommended beginner kits is located at the registration page. Youth: 6 + years.

Grab a neighbor who plays, choose pieces with your teacher, and form a 2 – 3 member ensemble in Music With Friends, a chamber music /recording course for teens. Intermediate or advanced piano, cello, violin, viola, guitar or voice students are matched into duos and trios by skill level with teacher’s recommendation, and same/mixed voices are organized by area of musical interest. A combination of zoom and pop-up in-person rehearsals (as feasible) offer maximum flexibility for your teen’s tight schedule. Flex Start means a new session begins at the top of each month, so you can join in whenever your pod or group is ready, or renew to keep building skills or get ready for a concert or presentation, enrolling for 4 meetings at at time. Instructors for this course are Mark Marston, guitar, or Chris Sforza violin, or Amy Rucker, piano. Youth: 12+ years.

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