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Claudia’s Cello Recital

We invite you to Claudia’s Suzuki Cello Book 4 Graduation Recital this coming Saturday, March 27th at 10am!

A graduation recital is a capstone to nearly a year’s worth of work–a snapshot of pieces and techniques that become part of the student’s permanent musical vocabulary–performed for fellow students, friends, and family. Claudia’s recital will be the first in Mr. Ryan’s studio to feature JackTrip, an open-source software which allows performers to play in real-time over the internet. Recital attendees will be able to listen (on Zoom) to the live and latency-free audio connection made available through the JackTrip connection, between the Ryan and Claudia’s computers. Let’s celebrate the view at this milepost, and best wishes for all the performances to come!
RSVP to Ryan Ash to attend.

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