Musical Bonding Time for Babies – Online Lessons Make it Easy!

July 1, 2020

Imagine the ease of having a class come to you! Especially in the early months of parenthood, with the diapers, the binkies, car seats, bottles…It can be a feat just to get out of the house with all the proper gear -plus the baby, of course. Babies have developmental needs that are supported in our Musikgarten Family Music for Babies classes, which are now being offered online. As a Musikgarten teacher for over 20 years, I have seen the many ways music and movement with baby and parent addresses the development of the infant. We learn more each year through research about the advantages of using music and movement with babies- the training of the ear to hear and recognize musical pitches, the rocking and swaying to music that emphasizes steady beat and stimulates the vestibular system, and many, many more. In this time of online teaching I realize that...

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Nature’s Music – Free Online Family Class

May 29, 2020

This free class, taught by Ms. Amy, is coming up on June 6 at 10:00-10:45 am. Area families are signing up quickly, but there is always room for more! All ages and parents are welcome. Families will receive a “Nature Scavenger Hunt” checklist ahead of the class, for spotting animals, insect, frogs, for fun art and nature tasks, and an instrument-making activity. Highlights from these hunts will be shared in class on the 6th and used in our activities that day, which will include playing instruments, creative moving, singing, and dancing. Join in the fun by signing up here!

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New Family Music for Toddler Book Starting Next Week – A Great Time to Join!

May 1, 2020

Next week Ms. Amy will be starting a new series of lessons with her Thursday Musikgarten toddlers class. The series is titled What Do You Hear? and is full of songs, rhymes, dances, focused listening, and more! This is a perfect time for you and your child to jump into a class. Children ages 18 months through 3 are invited, along with their grown up! With these online classes, children near and far can join in on the fun! Do you have a family member in another state who would like to participate? Connect and create memories together with friends, cousins, or school mates. The more the merrier- for music learning, and for the pure joy of making music as a family. Hope to see many new friends next week! Join in with What Do You Hear? Thursdays at 10:00 a.m. ET Register today! Questions? Contact Ms. Amy arucker@youngmusicians.org

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New Sections of Toddlers Added on Wednesdays and Thursdays!

September 18, 2019

Take a look! We now have Musikgarten classes for toddlers on Wednesdays and Thursdays! Musikgarten’s Family Music for Toddlers is a developmentally-appropriate music and movement class for young children ages 18 months through 3 years. Children and their caregivers will enjoy singing, dancing, playing percussion instruments, stories, rhymes, finger plays and more! Classes for this age lay the groundwork for all future music study! Capitalize on your child’s natural love for music today, and watch as they begin to echo patterns of pitch and rhythm, sing, and respond creatively to the elements of music! Through the specialized activities, they are embodying everything now that will make them musical in the future. Toddlers and their adults absorb the beauty of folk music from around the world, as well as inspirational classical music, sprinkled with the fun swag of jazz, rags, and blues! Come and join in on any of these sections (new...

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New Group Options Added!

September 12, 2019

Still time to enroll – we are offering some more great classes this year! At CYM, we are always laying the foundation for, and expanding upon, individual instrumental lessons. This semester we are offering two new Music Makers classes for children ages 5-9! Students will learn music concepts through engaging and developmentally appropriate activities that put the FUN in music learning! Music Makers at the Keyboard (Mondays and Tuesdays in Sewickley, Saturdays in Wexford ) is brand new to CYM, but has been taught by Ms. Amy for over 10 years! This year, make this the path for your 6-9 year old to learn piano, because data over the last 15 years is showing 98% retention rate in private piano for graduates of MMK!  Read here for more information! Music Makers at Home, (Mondays, Wexford) which is a pre-piano course that puts the emphasis on all things 5-6 year olds...

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Family Music for Babies ~ Who, What, Where, When & WHY??

September 9, 2019

CYM is now offering Musikgarten’s Family Music for Babies! Let’s start with… WHY… All babies are born with music aptitude. Babies absorb the sounds of music in the same way they absorb the sounds of their spoken language.  Recent studies have shown that music affects the physical, emotional, and intellectual development of babies and strengthens cognitive and sensory development. Patterns heard in class feed the ear-brain connection and start to form the language of music. Before long they will be imitating those patterns, developing for life their sense of pitch and rhythm. WHO… Who is this for? How old does the baby have to be? This class is for any baby, at any age, up to about 16 or 18 months. Some moms have signed up for the class before the baby is born, then come back later with baby in tow! WHAT… What happens in a babies class? Lots...

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“PJ Classes” Added for Toddlers and Preschoolers!

September 5, 2019

What is a PJ class, you might ask? Well, just as it sounds, these are classes scheduled later in the evening that may be attended in pajamas! Hence the name “PJ class”! For many toddlers and preschoolers, our Sewickley classes on Tuesday nights are a perfect opportunity for busy families, pajamas, or no! Offering later classes gives a little more flexibility, making it easier for more parents to attend. Or perhaps some parents can take turns coming to these Musikgarten classes with their little ones. Here are our PJ class offerings: 6:00-6:45 Family Music for Toddlers (ages 18 months through 3.5 with a grown-up) 6:45-7:30 The Cycle of Seasons: Wind Dancers (ages 3.5 through 5 with a grown-up) Why not schedule a free trial for one or both of these classes? Early music learning sets the stage for all future music study! Visit www.youngmusicians.org and click on “register” to go...

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Prelude Classes and Excitement at Sewickley’s Night Mart!

September 3, 2019

A buzz filled the air at CYM’s Sewickley location this past Friday night! Mr. Jake rolled up the white carpet, then promptly “rolled out the red carpet” for curious children and their families! Our colorful front window piano caught folks’ attention, as did Mr. Jake and Mr. Rob, who ushered students in to attend a petting zoo of stringed instruments with Mr. Ryan! Parents stood by and enjoyed seeing their children explore violins and cellos, learning about how to sit, handle instruments, and play! Meanwhile Mr. Rob talked with parents, answering questions about CYM offerings and philosophy, and encouraging folks to sign up for the CYM newsletter. Then with an eye to the back room, where Ms. Amy was leading Musikgarten activities, Mr. Rob would lead students and their parents from the petting zoo to their next adventure! Ms. Amy then led the children in songs, dances, singing games, and...

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Coming Attractions

August 30, 2019

It’s time to enroll in one of our new classes! You’ve probably read about our Crossover series that began this summer. If not, follow this link to read up on the ways visual art and music intersect! This is a group for teens in Sewickley. If your student has interest in the visual arts, video game music, anime music, etc. they should definitely check out these sessions! Musikgarten is here!  So glad to be offering this curriculum with expanded options this year! Music Makers at the Keyboard is brand new to CYM, but has been taught by Ms. Amy for over 10 years! This year, make this the path for your 6-9 year old to learn piano, because data over the last 15 years is showing 98% retention rate in private piano for graduates of MMK!  Read here for more information! Continue reading below for other new offerings in Musikgarten...

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New at CYM this fall: Group Piano Classes!

August 28, 2019

Now enrolling! We are thrilled to announce new sections of group piano designed for beginners! Starting this fall, Music Makers at the Keyboard will be offered in our Sewickley and Wexford locations. This Musikgarten curriculum is designed to capitalize on the dynamic of a group environment to instill music skills that are applied to the piano. A three year method, Music Makers at the Keyboard focuses on singing, movement, ensemble, writing, notation games, and more, in a fun group setting. Concepts are applied to the piano from day one, resulting in fluid sight reading, creative improvisation, composition, ensemble playing, and performance. Sign your child up to learn in an engaging environment with certified Musikgarten instructors! Classes are for beginners ages 7-9, and will be offered in Wexford on Saturdays at 1:30, and Sewickley on Mondays at 5:30, and Tuesdays at 4:30. For more information about these classes, contact Amy Rucker:...

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