Book Recital Set for January 28!

On January 28th, Eliza Rizk will be completing her Suzuki Cello Book 3 graduation. Her performance of all the repertoire in the book is in the final stages of preparation. Mr. Ryan, her teacher, commented: “Book 3 is when my students take full musical leadership during the performance; the recital becomes a true collaboration”. What an exciting time in this musical journey.

Congratulations to Eliza and Mr. Ryan – keep up the great work!

Cello Student, Rosa Yuo, Performs Book Recital

Congratulations to Rosa Yuo, student of Ryan Ash, for a beautiful and musical performance of Suzuki Book 2! Rosa exemplified poise and a command of her instrument, to the delight of those in attendance.

Demonstrating mastery of one Suzuki book serves as a graduation from that level. Now Rosa will move ahead to the repertoire of Book 3. Performing such a large repertoire of pieces takes concentration and perseverance, not to mention attention to detail and musicality. Job well done, Rosa!

Enjoy some photos from this big day:

Student Milestones: This Month’s Book Recital

Rosa Yuo will be playing her Book 2 Recital on January 14th!

Book recitals are a demonstration of dedication and hard work. Each piece in a book is performed with accompaniment for a small audience, exhibiting mastery of that level of Suzuki study.

Rosa’s recital will be held in conjunction with a group class with her teacher, Mr. Ryan. Family and friends will join in, and a reception will follow.

All the best, Rosa!

Music and Art at CMA for the Holidays

On Thursday, December 19th, CYM students and their teachers will regale museum-goers with beautiful music. Holiday selections and other favorites will be offered by several violin and cello students.

Enjoy browsing and taking in the arts- visually, and aurally. The current exhibit of Carnegie Trees and Neapolitan Presepio will delight the whole family! The Presepio was constructed originally between 1700 and 1830, and is an incredibly detailed panorama of life in the 18th century. Read more about this tradition here.

The CYM performance will take place from 6:30-7:30 pm. For more information, contact Ms. Rochelle at

Come support the arts in Pittsburgh!

Violin Students Reach Book Recital Goals

Recently, three of our CYM violinists reached their performance goals, as demonstrated through their “Book Recitals”. Students who study violin in the Suzuki program work through a total of 10 books, performing a recital of each book as they progress through the material.

Congratulations to Sanai Horne, John Notaro, and Nalani Brayley, and to  their teacher, Ms. Rochelle, on a job well done!


CYM Cellists to Perform in Allison Park

CYM cellists will be performing Saturday afternoon at the Cumberland Woods Village in Allison Park.

Mr. Ryan will be leading the concert that will feature selections from Robert Frost’s Christmas Kaleidoscope.

Not the Robert Frost of The Road Not Taken, poetry fame, but Robert S. Frost, pedagogical strings composer, conductor, and teacher. Kaleidoscope is a collection of 14 Christmas Carols, which may be performed on a variety of instruments. For this, the instrument of choice is the cello!

Come out and support our student performers in this secluded, wooded, hilltop setting!

November 23, 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Cumberland Woods Village

700 Cumberland Woods

Allison Park, PA 15101

For more information, contact Mr. Ryan at

CYM Students Perform in PMTA Honors Recital

Four students have completed the second local requirement of a state festival. We are certainly enjoying watching the progress in these students! The journey began when they entered the Dorothy Sutton Performance Festival in October. Read more about that phase of this journey here.

CYM piano students from Ms. Simmi’s piano studio performed this past Sunday at the local Pennsylvania Music Teacher’s Association Honors’ Recital in affiliation with the Dorothy Sutton Performance Festival.

The students performed beautifully and were awarded for advancing from the local round to the statewide showcase (occurring later this month at Penn State University).

Pianists Sami Alissa, Siena Smith, Yazan Alissa. (Not pictured, Clara Yuo)

Congratulations students and Ms. Simmi!

Let’s cheer these hard working students on as they prepare for the showcase on November 23.

Stay tuned for updates!

CYM Pianists Advance to Statewide Showcase

Congratulations and a job well done to these piano students from Ms. Simmi’s piano studio. This past weekend, they participated in the local round of the Dorothy Sutton Performance Festival (held by Pennsylvania Music Teachers’ Association). Each of the students received high scores on their theory exams as well as “Superior” rankings on their performances, and have qualified to perform in the Local Honors’ Recital here in Pittsburgh and the Statewide Showcase at PSU in November.

Let’s cheer them on as they progress through this Festival– stay tuned!

Summer Camp Highlight: Lochlan McGinnis

CYM student Lochlan McGinnis spent a week at the Chautauqua Music Camps this summer. This was Lochlan’s first experience with this well-known institution, where he studied with a private instructor and played in a chamber group and an orchestra. Instructors at the camps include members of the Chautauqua Symphony Orchestra, as well as highly skilled teachers from around Western New York and Pennsylvania. The camp culminated in a concert that delighted family, friends, and area arts patrons.

Lochlan appreciated being able to spend time with his friends on the beautiful campus . He was pleasantly surprised at the friendliness of the staff of the institution, and feels the biggest take away from the experience was learning how to play with confidence music that he felt was beyond his range of abilities!

Chautauqua Institution is home to the world-class Chautauqua Symphony Orchestra, Chautauqua Opera Company, and Chautauqua School of Music.

For more information on the Chautauqua Institution and programs for youth, visit Chautauqua Festival Schools 

Photos below from the Chautauqua Institution website:



CYM Guitar Students Attend Suzuki Summer Workshop

CYM students Ayan Ganesh, Ezra White, and Elijah Haberman attended the Greater Pittsburgh Suzuki Institute this summer!

Each day of the one-week camp, these students attended a masterclass, a guitar group class, and guitar ensemble, as well as electives that included art, dance, musical theater, and secondary instruments! Throughout the week they all honed their skills on the guitar and had a lot of fun along the way. There were a couple of “play-ins” which involved everyone in the institute. One in particular was a “pajama play-in” where Eli performed in awesome Pikachu pajamas (see below!). There were also solo recitals midweek and a big group concert to end the week on Friday.

Congratulations to all, and to Mr. Erich, their teacher!


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