Alumni Spotlight: CYM’s First Student, Meredith Hudock Hopkins, Part 3

September 11, 2019

Hopefully you have been following along on this three part interview with CYM’s first student, Meredith Hudock Hopkins! If not, you can catch up with part one here, and part two here! Then come back for the finale: My last couple of questions for Meredith required more personal reflection on the impact of the Center for Young Musicians, as well as what she is doing today. I asked Meredith what she wished people knew about CYM.  Here is her answer, which really embraces our philosophy! I wish people knew about the community/family aspect of CYM. CYM is my family. They are supportive, encouraging, and caring to the growth and development of the students. CYM really embraces Dr. Suzuki’s vision that Every Child Can and that music is a gift that anyone can receive. Looking more deeply into CYM’s impact, I asked how her time here prepared her for where she...

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Alumni Spotlight: CYM’s First Student, Meredith Hudock Hopkins, Part 2

September 5, 2019

In case you missed Part 1 of this series in three parts, check it out here! I asked Meredith about highlights from her years at CYM. She replied that there were “honestly so many to choose from” – but here are a few she described: -Playing at the White House Christmas party in 2006. Such an amazing experience and the whole process of rehearsals, to traveling there, to the behind the scenes tour of the White House we got after our performance was just so special. -Playing in front of the PSO in Hienz Hall. This was for a Fiddlesticks concert …and a group of us were chosen to play the 1st mvt. of the Bach double. That rush of excitement when you walk onto the stage and the sound of the orchestra behind you, is a memory I will never forget! A truly unique experience involved animals: …there was...

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Alumni Spotlight: CYM’s First Student, Meredith Hudock Hopkins, Part I

August 30, 2019

As most of you know, Center for Young Musicians recently celebrated 25 years of teaching music and touching lives here in Pittsburgh! We have a treat in store, as we hear from CYM’s very first student Meredith Hudock, now Mrs. Meredith Hopkins! Let’s go back to the beginning of Alicia and Victoria’s dream, and follow the path of one little toddler, whose mother understood the importance of learning the language of music in the early years! Meredith began her studies at CYM in what was then called Kindermusik, now known as  ECM/Musikgarten. She was 17 months old, a great age to begin absorbing the sounds of music and developing steady beat! Her classes were held in the basement of Northland Library, before the Wexford location came to be. After laying the foundation of music learning through her toddler years, Meredith moved into violin at 3.5 years old. Apparently young Meredith...

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CYM Graduate Feature: Matthew Matisz

June 11, 2019

It is an exciting time for CYM when we have graduating seniors. Today we put a spotlight on Matthew Matisz, student of Erich Reibe. Our marketing department caught up with Matthew to get his perspective on growing as a musician through Center for Young Musicians. Matthew started in CYM’s Early Childhood Music program with Victoria, in order to lay the foundation for joyful music making, music learning, and literacy. Matthew recalls stepping away to Duquesne for beginning cello lessons, and reflected on a period shortly after where he took some time to be sure he knew what instrument he really wanted to play. He started to explore his instrument options, and began listening to music for fun, honing his musical tastes.  Soon he became captivated by guitar music, and felt motivated to learn some of the rock songs he was hearing. Matthew and his family decided to come back to...

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Reconnecting with a CYM Alum! – Meredith Hopkins

November 17, 2018

We recently reconnected with one of our CYM Alums, Meredith Hopkins! When we asked her about how her time here at CYM was, and how it impacted her life, she said, “I honestly can’t remember a time that I wasn’t a student at CYM. Since starting kinder music at 17 months and then violin at 3 1/2, music has been the foundation of my life! I always looked forward to group class every week to see my friends. The instruction I received from my teachers at CYM over the years sculpted me to become the best person and musician I could be. After CYM, I graduated from Baldwin Wallace University Conservatory of Music with a BM in Violin Performance and then went on to the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow, Scotland to get my Masters in Traditional Scottish Music. I won the title of National Scottish Fiddle Champion this past...

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