Book 1 Fun + Book 2 Crew

Chris Sforza and the violin group have had a great time making music together these past few months. Students played games to review and strengthen technique developed by the Suzuki literature, performed the “working” and “polished” pieces as solos for one another, and practiced being active listeners and audience members. Each new month was dedicated to reinforcing a key musical concept: Tempo, Dynamics, and Rhythm, for example. Students listened to and watched famous musical performers who exhibited each skill presented by Chris to study in class. The violinists are becoming more and more confident players who are repeatedly energized by one another’s improvements and ideas. They have developed strong bonds with one another and feel a sense of comradery in their musical work. The method keeps giving students opportunities to develop focus and the teacher exceeds family’s expectations for musical fun and technical training. Truly motivating!

Mr. Chris keeps the good-times rolling with Part 3 of the course- coming up at the end of April – in response to reports that the kids have an irreplaceable place to connect here. The following areas of learning will again be presented: Warmups, Twinkle Challenge, Ear-Training (pitch names/matches/fingerboard maps), Know Your Lit, Concept of the Month, Solos + Duos, and also, Listen/Watch/Play – the study of specially chosen video/audio models.

Students will walk away from the course feeling even more ready to bring out their instruments to play anywhere and for any reason, and they will know a deep sense of enjoyment having worked hard with the others in the group. Mr. Chris has the enviable qualities of being a teacher who is both light-hearted and skill focused, a truly fine combination when leading students as they learn to play the violin – wouldn’t you like your child to join in?

Book 1 Fun + Book 2 Crew (Part 3) will meet on Fridays, April 30 – July 30 from 4:30 – 5:30 pm. The live-online course is designed for students between 5 – 12 years old and costs $280. Read about Chris Sforza. Register for the course. Purchase Suzuki Book 1 and Suzuki Book 2.

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