Black Composers Class

Rachel Barton Pine, the world renown violin soloist, worked for over 15 years to put together the collection of music that is presented in “Music by Black Composers”. Rochelle Agnew will use this material in a new class that meets every Wednesday in July, beginning on the 1st. The class is available to violinists who play at the Suzuki Book 1 level or beyond. Answering why she is excited to present the collection, Rochelle says, “The pieces really run the gamut in terms of time periods, from Mozart’s era to as recently as 2014, and in global representation, from Europe, Ghana, New Orleans, South America, to the Caribbean.” Rochelle also states, “The reason I wanted to lead this class is because I feel passionate about making a contribution to effect what exists in the forefront of our society. I’m grateful to have this resource to help students have a positive experience with music that most likely is new to them.”

Click the link to register here. You can find the class under our Summer Camps offerings.

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